Lessening the Impact

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The property that is now the “Centre Street Family Dental” office was purposely selected because the roof orientation (to the south) would maximize exposure for solar gain to the solar panels.

Dr. Catherine Zacal’s background of growing up in Amsterdam, Holland, where riding bicycles was a staple of life, and using reusable shopping bags were already the “norm” in the 1970’s, is brought full circle with the opening of the Centre Street Family Dental.   We have strived to implement features of sustainability into this work space to make it enjoyable and an
inspiration to all. 
Building Efforts
1. solar panels on roof to feed into grid
2. bicycle racks availability (and commuting to work by bicycle) to promote cycling for patients and staff
3. reusing as much of existing building structure as possible in construction of office
4. LED light bulbs for increased efficiency and no mercury waste products
5. Marmoleum® floors (inhibits dust mites and bacterial growth, made from 40% recycled waste, linseed oil, wood flour and is biodegradable after its long life)
6. low VOC paint
7. presence of plants to promote indoor oxygen production
8. having windows that open to let in fresh air and allow for natural climate control and natural lighting
9. low flush toilets and low flow faucets
10. xeriscape zen rock garden
11. rain barrels for green space
Dental Office Operations
1.“kaizen” philosophy to minimize waste
2. dry suction vacuum (does not use water as conventional systems and can save up to 200 000 gallons of water per year)
3. Helios LED operating lights on dental chairs
4. digital radiography (chemical free)
5. amalgam waste separator (as required by law)
6. wrapping instruments in specialized cloth for sterilization
7. using biodegradable gauze
8. using recycled paper
9. office recycling program
10. using high level disinfectant that is kind to humans (also does not have toxic smell)
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"Dear Dr. Zacal,
thank you for your inspiring story.  I always tell kids “follow your hearts” and make, wherever it leads you as green as possible”.  We need all walks of life being green.  Thank you for your kind invitation to your opening.  I live in Vancouver and am trying to cut back both my commitments and my carbon footprint.  I’m afraid it’s not possible but I send you my best wishes."

David Suzuki.