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Dr. Catherine Zacal, Hon BSc, DDS

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Dr Catherine Zacal is proud to welcome you to the dental office that she built and designed in 2011. She is a University of Toronto faculty of dentistry graduate, class of 2001. Dr Zacal brings valuable experience gained from working with her mentor and dentist father in Mississauga. Dr. Zacal grew up in Holland, and attended the University of Amsterdam dental school for a year, which has given her insight into what is up and coming in the dental field.

Seeking out a more natural environment to pursue her passions of endurance sport, and to raise her young family, she moved to Huntsville in 2008 to work as an associate. A passion for supporting environmentally conscious practices, led to the opening of Centre Street Family Dental in Huntsville. Huntsville’s sustainability plan and Dr Zacal’s philosophy were a natural match. Dr Zacal felt as if the red carpet was rolled out for her when collaborating and zoning her dental office project with the town.

Knowing that the dental office is not a favourite destination of many, Dr Zacal designed her office with that in mind. Windows that open, a zen garden, an uplifting and elegant colour scheme, movies to watch during treatment, and focussing on many eco-features makes it a more pleasurable experience. “It is no accident that we love having the breeze come through our office on one of our beautiful Muskoka summer days.”

A proponent of active transport, Dr Zacal can be seen jogging to work in the “good weather months”. She wants to raise awareness of the heart-health and mouth health link by setting a good example of keeping fit, and sponsoring local outdoor events. The Huntsville Band on the Run (participant and sponsor), Huntsville youth soccer program, Huntsville Half-Ironman triathlon, and the Great Muskoka Paddling Experience (Bracebridge) to name a few.

In keeping balance, and giving back to the community, Dr Zacal also supports Huntsville Hospice and is a proud donor of the “Dr Zacal Medal for Highest Achievement in Chemistry”, a $500 bursary handed out personally at the annual Hunstville Highschool graduation ceremony. She hopes to inspire students, and especially girls, to reach their fullest academic potential.

“We all know what dentists do, but I wanted to give you a bit of insight into the “why” and the behind the scenes of what makes us “tick”. Keeping an efficient office ensures that you will not be kept waiting for your appointments. Having built this office from the ground up, I am happy to say that my staff shares what is important to me: doing our best for each patient,with a personal touch.“
Catherine Zacal, Hon BSc, DDS


Canadian Dental Association
Ontario Dental Association
Eco-Dentist Association

Toronto Crown and Bridge Study Club

Over the past 10 years Dr Zacal has also given back to the community by volunteering as a Girl Guide leader, volunteering in Mexico to provide dental services to the needy in a small town called Ocotepec, volunteering with a Marriage Preparation course, and volunteering at the Greenhouse at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.  

We are hoping to continue to serve the community by our aspirations to set an example for sustainability and providing inspiration to those who visit or just pass by our office.  

Dr. Zacal and her helpful staff are looking forward to meeting you and your family at Centre Street Family Dental.
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