Test your dental IQ: About Children’s Teeth

1. TRUE or FALSE: you can have a cavity and not have a toothache

2. TRUE or FALSE: you can have a tooth abscess and not have pain

3. TRUE or FALSE: it is not important to fix baby teeth because they will fall out soon

4. TRUE or FALSE: children can floss their own teeth

5. TRUE or FALSE: plaque is the remains of food on teeth

6. TRUE or FALSE: babies can be put to bed with a bottle with diluted juice

7. TRUE or FALSE: children can have a cavity at age two

8. TRUE or FALSE: the first appointment should be when all the baby teeth are in

9. TRUE or FALSE: children can use toothpaste at age two

10. TRUE or FALSE: some baby teeth are meant to last until age 12 – 13
Answers: 1. True, 2. True, 3. False: keep baby teeth as important spacers for adult teeth, 4. False: they need help and eventually can use the floss picks, 5. False: plaque is a build up of bacteria normally found in the mouth, 6. False: any sugary liquid (even milk) can cause decay with prolonged exposure. 7. True: as soon as the teeth come through the gums they can become decayed. 8. False: first appointment when first tooth comes in, to allow quick exam and important information for parents, 9. False: can use toothpaste when can spit properly (only a pea sized amount). 10. True: some even last well into adulthood if the adult tooth is missing underneath!